Friday, July 25, 2008

Floral Friday

Here is what is blooming in the yard this week, plus my potted plants that I over-wintered have started up too!

Echinacea. I planted this in front of the firewood pile, so it kinda hides it in the summer, but since they die down to the ground in winter, the wood is quite accessible then.

The scarlett meidiland roses started blooming. So tiny and pretty! Each bloom is about 1" big.

This is Calvin's Irish moss. He is quite the gardener.

More bee balm.

The hibiscus is in full bloom! My mom's neighbors threw this out last summer, and she salvaged it. I over-wintered it, and thought I killed it when it dropped almost all its leaves. It survived!

Here's the plumbago. I over-wintered this one too. Next year I will prune it in late winter. I didn't do anything to it this year, and it's kinda all misshapen.


Mary Beth said...

Love each and every one, they are all great varieties. Do Japanese beetles bother your rose?

Lindsay T said...

Lovely! People are always surprised when I tell them I don't enjoy gardening. They think because I sew and am generally crafty that I should be good at gardening too. Nope. total brown thumb here. So I'm always envious of people who cultivate beautiful gardens.