Friday, August 01, 2008

Floral Friday

Now that August is upon us, there isn't much new blooming in the yard. About the only plant that hasn't bloomed yet is the aster.

This is the other milkweed plant I have -- a friend called it a swamp milkweed. It's way taller than me, so I had to hold this bloom down to take a photo. I like how feathery it looks.

The limelight hydrangea we planted amongst the new landscaping started blooming! The flowers start out light green, and gradually turn whiter and whiter.

We are off to the State Fair this morning, so I will find out how my photos did and post a report later. I already know how my sewing and knitting entries did, but I'm making you wait so that I can report it all at once with pictures.


Mary Beth said...

Oh, I've been seeing the hydrangea blooming and wondered what it was called. Now I know! Love them!

I'm also wondering if your swamp milkweed could also be called a Joe Pye Weed? They were up to 8-9' tall where I lived up on the mountain and glowed almost ghostly in the dusk. Eupatorium purpureum, perhaps? Another favorite :)

Cheryl said...

Friday already?
Good luck at the fair! Have a cream puff in my honor...please?