Friday, August 01, 2008

State Fair

Today we went to the WI State Fair, to see my winning entries and eat. A lot.

A rare photo of me and all three of my boys. Connor is going through a phase of not wanting his picture taken. It was a hot, humid day.

My photo of Calvin whittling got 2nd place AND a Staff Favorite ribbon! FINALLY, after 10 years of entering, I've won a fancy ribbon! (My trillium photo didn't get anything, and I should've entered it in the general flower category. It wasn't close-up enough, compared to the winners)

Caleb's jester costume placed 3rd. I also placed 4th for my sweater, and 4th for a skirt.

We watched all the different salespeople demo their wares and ended up with this fancy peeler (from Switzerland, people!) and all the freebies that came with it. Last year we bought a Quick Chopper 2000, and we just love it.

We explored the DNR building, and Connor had a good time looking at the reptiles. I talked with some of the master gardeners, and found yet more plants I'd like to put in my gardens.

Caleb and Calvin went down the big slide. Connor was scared to go.

Cheryl, we had a cream puff! They are still delicious!

It was a long day, and one little boy fell asleep on the way home.


New Mama said...

Aww, love the sleeping photo! Great job on your entries! Sounds like a fun day.

Micki said...

Woo Hoo!!!! Congrats on all your ribbons, but especially the big one!!!!!!

Mary Beth said...

The boys are darling, wait, no they're handsome, strapping, young gentlemen (wild men)!

Congrats on the entries! Your Fair coverage makes me wish I could go to ours but it's always during my busy time.

Carolyn (cmarie12) said...

Congratulations on the wins! They are well deserved!

Trish said...

Congrats on the ribbons! State fairs are so much fun!

Lindsay T said...

Awww, I'm getting all nostalgic seeing these photos! I used to go to this fair when I was a little girl living in Milwaukee. I love this fair! And congratulations on your ribbons!

Cheryl said...

First, Congrats on your ribbons!
Second, I can't believe that Caleb is TALLER than you!
And finally, THANKS for posting that awesome photo with the cream puffs! I like the cream on their faces-what fun would it be to eat one without getting it all over yourself?
Miss you all!

suzee said...

Great news on your entries! Congrats! You must have been up against some stiff competition to not place higher with the garments.