Friday, August 29, 2008


It's official. My middle man is now 9.
As usual, we talked about the day he was born, and shared his birth story. It's an especially cool one, as he was born at home (unplanned), on a staircase. He LOVES hearing his birth story! He had 2 friends over on Tuesday for a slumber party, and tomorrow gets to go to another birthday party (for one of the friends that stayed over). Life is good when you are nine.

(I'm scheduling this one to post about the time he was born. We're not sure of the exact time, but this is close enough, and what we decided to put down 'officially')


Cheryl said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Calvin! I can't believe it! 9!!!!

bfmomma said...

Happy Birthday, Middle Man! ;)

I so remember when he was born, and how the story made the rounds of playgroup. You were (are) such a legend!!!

Lindsay T said...

Aw, cute. My second child came pretty fast too, though I did manage to get to the hospital, unlike you. I tell my son that was the fastest he's ever moved in his life.