Friday, August 22, 2008

Floral Friday

There are more new flowers blooming, some of which surprised me!

First, though, we finally have a monarch caterpillar! Unfortunately, the day after I took this photo, it was gone. Hopefully off to find different milkweed and not eaten.

My lavender is blooming. I just planted these in spring (5 plants), and honestly, I wasn't expecting blooms this season. Don't know if I'll get enough to dry, but it sure smells good now. The boys brush the plants every time they walk by because they smell so good.

I think this is some sort of hibiscus (? really I have no clue). It's winter hardy; I bought it last year from the little variety store down the street. It is loaded with buds, these two bloomed first, and each bloom is about 8" across (seriously, these things are big).

The coreopsis has been blooming for a while, I just forgot to take a photo of it.

Those darn asters still haven't bloomed.


Mary Beth said...

Goody, more flowers! Your hibiscus might be "perennial hibiscus, common rose-mallow" here's a link for more info and google "hibiscus moscheutos" for more and conflicing info :)

One morning when Gaely GoLightly, Westie Extrodinaire, was less than a year old she started hysterically barking at something off the back porch. She was really scared. We couldn't find anything different in the landscape except this bush had produced it's first huge bloom! HaHa!!! Dogz is fun

MB said...

Oops, forgot the link!

Cheryl said...

Your garden looks beautiful. I can't wait to show Iza the catepillar picture! She's been hunting for them all summer and hasn't had any luck.

Cheryl said...

Izabella and Foti both loved the picture....:)

Peggy said...

I bet the pink flowers are "Disco Doll" hibiscus - they are known for their dinner-plate sized blooms. Yours are gorgeous!