Saturday, September 09, 2006

Computer Woes

Our computer is on the fritz -- it's not turning on. It's been a bit fussy for a while, and as of yesterday, we haven't been able to turn it on at all. I'll bring it in on Monday, and hopefully it won't be gone long. Right now I'm checking email at the library.

It IS kinda nice to be without it, though. Anyway, I've got to focus on making my nephew's christening gown, and no computer will get rid of the temptation to goof off. :)


Julie & Peter said...

hee...hee... get to work!! ;)

cmarie12 said...

Oh my gosh do I understand this!!! I think, hope, pray, that my computer woes are at bay for now! But I will say a quiet prayer for you that your computer can be fixed quickly! Do you remember when we only had land line phones, one TV in the house and cellphones and computers where things in comic books?!!!! And we were content to live that way! :)