Sunday, September 03, 2006

Green Quilt Binding

I started working on the binding for the green baby quilt (baby was born in February!). A lot of times I like to bind quilts in 1/4" black binding, so whenever I buy some black, I just cut the whole piece up into 1.75" bias strips. Thankfully I had just enough of this black dot to bind this quilt. After stitching it down, I had about 15" leftover.

I think this quilt is looking quite nice, although I guess it's not your typical baby quilt. I've been stitching the binding down while watching Season 1 of Project Runway, thanks to Netflix. We finished disc 1 yesterday, and I've got half of the handdwork done. :) I've been almost 100% right about predicting who gets Auf'd each episode, and about 75% right with who wins each one. I already know who wins season 1, but that's it.

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