Saturday, September 30, 2006


We've been busy (yeah, who isn't? ~G~). David is out of town, and between soccer practice, gymnastics, and various meetings, I feel like we've been living in the car this week. Ah, but I AM getting some sewing in. I've been working on slipstitching the binding on the green quilt. I also cut out a top (Simplicity 4076, View D), 6 Quick Snap Diaper Covers (size L), and a baby sling.

I've also started my Christmas shopping. Can't say much about that, you just never know who might be reading this blog. :) I stopped in the bookstore today to pick up a copy of In Stitches (unfortunately they were out. I had a 25% off coupon). I browsed at a copy of Sublime Stitching. Nice book, but I didn't buy it; at least not on this visit. It's chock full of motifs for stitching, plus great direction on how to do it. On the subject of embroidery, I am sorely tempted to get a copy of Subversive Cross Stitch. You can even get kits! The "Bite Me" kit is calling my name.

A few people have asked where I got the divided thermos pictured in the post below. I found it at Target, in the camping section. The divider is removable, which is really nice. Yesterday I removed the divider and gave Caleb baked potatoes with cheese for lunch. Yummy!!

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