Saturday, June 02, 2007


The production photos for the play that I helped build some costumes for are up. Unfortunately, you can't really see the ones I did. Anyway, if you go to Milwaukee Shakespeare's website and click on 'Production Photos' (it's a sub-menu under 'On Stage'), that will take you to the main photo page. Click on 1 Henry IV, and a separate window will pop up, with photos from the play. I built Hotspur's (Brian Gill) gray shirt (I don't think you can see it), Prince Hal's (Jeff Withers) black shirt (though he wasn't wearing it the day Calvin and I saw the play), and the prostitute's (Courtney Jones) chemise and skirt (which was then overdyed and roughed up a bunch). I also altered the skirt that I believe is worn by Mistress Quickly (Tiersa Ferraro).

It was fun to do, and when we saw the play, I had to remind myself to just enjoy it, instead of picking over my work. :)

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Annie said...

Linda, how neat! That's something to check off your life list now, isn't it? Build costumes for Shakespeare festival. Good job!