Saturday, June 16, 2007

Strawberry Time

I know I've been lax in posting. School is out and we've been busy this week! I hope to get back in the sewing room soon, but right now, the garden has been calling.

Anyway, it's strawberry season, and we went picking at Barthel's today:
My mom shows Connor how to pick strawberries. (as an aside -- I made that sundress for myself over 17 years ago. It's held up really well. Good quality fabric -- rayon in this case -- is worth every penny)

We all had to sample the strawberries as we picked. :) I think I took home about 17 pounds of berries. We also picked sugar snap peas, and I bought some balloon flowers, hollyhocks, and a roma tomato. On the way home we stopped for some custard at Culver's. Yum yum!

Later this afternoon we brought some berries, peas, and food to my brother's friends, Dan and Kelly. They had a little boy on the 5th (who has a most excellent name). I got to sit and hold little Connor, which was such a treat (thanks guys!). I just LOVE newborns.

I hope to get some jam put up on Monday afternoon. Maybe some sewing after that.

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Cheryl said...

Hey Linda, I remember you in that dress! Wow. I think that I may even have a picture of you in it.
I envy you, that you have time to go strawberry picking. We'll have to find a strawberry farm in Greece.
Have fun making your jam!!