Wednesday, June 20, 2007

State Fair Registration

Today is the deadline for me to send in my State Fair entry form. They moved the date up a few weeks, and thankfully I remembered yesterday, or I'd be SOL! I printed off the forms and last night I figured out what I plan to enter.

Division 100:
Class 3 -- fabric baptismal outfit (my nephew's christening gown)
Class 31 -- one piece garment of stretch fabric (this will be Vogue 8379, yet to be made)
Class 33 -- serged item of clothing, using serging as main construction method (my Jalie 2449, why not?)
Class 40 -- woman's two piece sport outfit (this skirt, and this top)
Class 54 -- purse (an Amy Butler purse that is cut out but not sewn yet)

Division 206:
Class 620 -- combined fruit jam (peach-strawberry that I just put up this morning)
Class 624 -- strawberry jam (to be put up this afternoon or tomorrow)

They raised the entry fees (again!). Eight bucks for the first 5 items, four dollars for each additional 5 items. I have most everything made already, all that is needed is to make the knit dress and finish the purse. I toyed with doing a bathrobe too, but normally I don't like deadlines, so having to finish two items is enough. The actual garments are due July 18, with judging on July 20. I hope to actually go to judging this year (I say that every year, but it might actually work out this time).

Off to get this envelope in the mail so it can be postmarked today!

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Micki said...

You always inspire me to get ready for the fair when you do! I'm really excited to see how you do on your nephew's christening gown. It is truly beautiful. Can't wait to find out what the judges think! Maybe this year a big purple ribbon!!!