Thursday, July 05, 2007

Happy Fourth

We had a nice Fourth of July holiday, only now I'm all mixed up and keep thinking that today is Saturday. :)

Peter and Julie came up on the third, and we had planned to ride bikes downtown to watch the Big Bang fireworks, but it rained. We stayed home and played Trivial Pursuit instead.

Yesterday morning we walked up to Klode Park and watched the Whitefish Bay Fourth of July Parade. It was fun, and quite the parade! I'd never watched it before, and it closed with a bagpipe band (is that what you call a bunch of bagpipers? a band? corps? I have no idea).

Connor slept through the first part, even through all the sirens from the fire trucks and police cars.

We decided that Calvin would be really good at cheerleading. He has the strength and the balance.

Later on in the afternoon we went over to Luther's house to celebrate his daughter's first birthday. David drew a lion on the sidewalk for Connor.

Luther's father-in-law built this AWESOME tricycle for Elijah (Luther's son). It rocks! Connor loved it. Calvin and Elijah also played on it a lot, giving each other rides.

Little Pablo had fun too, and I had fun playing with him.

Last night we walked down to the beach and watched the fireworks. A nice ending to a nice holiday.

My mother-in-law comes to visit on Tuesday. Summer is so busy and goes by too fast!


micki said...

We have that very same tricycle! My kids love it!!!!

Lindsey in AL said...

We also have the same trike! It's a great one (although ours is covered in rust currently :|)
Keith nearly took out the trash to the curb Wednesday night because he thought it was Sunday. So confusing. But worth it. And now it's Friday and we have another weekend this week :D