Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Gymnastics Champion!

Calvin had his first of four gymnastics meets tonight. He did great, winning 4 medals in the 8 and under category for Level 3 gymnastics. Here are videos of each of his routines (for the grandparents, you know! ~G~)

First, his floor routine, earning a score of 8.85, and first place:

Second, his beam routine, earning a score of 8.9 (darn it, if only he didn't fall off!):

Third, his vault, earning a score of 9.65, and first place:

Last, his bar routine, earning a score of 9.3, and first place:

He also placed first in the all-around, with a total score of 36.7.

Congratulations Calvin! You are a delight to watch compete, and it's great to see you having lots of fun.

(I made his uniform, and will post on that tomorrow)


bfmomma said...

WOW! That's fantastic! Congrats, Middle C! :)

Julie P. said...

very impressive!!

Micki said...

Absolutely wonderful job Calvin. Way to go!!!!

Roger said...

Blown away! I was mesmerized, watching the clips over and over. Very proud of you Calvin! Keep working at it, you are the best!
Love Grandpa Roger.