Monday, October 08, 2007

Sewing for 2 Henry IV

The Milwaukee Shakespeare production of 2 Henry IV closed yesterday, and pictures are up on the site! This link will take you to the production photos page. Click on 2 Henry IV, and a pop up window will appear with photos. (by the way, I made the blue shirt Prince Hal is wearing in the thumbnail. I did the pants too [altered RTW], but I don't think you can see them). Other things I worked on:

First photo: I did the crest that is on Justice Shallow.
Fourth photo: I did the red skirt and the white petticoat that you can see a peek of on Doll Tearsheet (the skirt was actually done for 1 Henry IV, and this time around I added the petticoat).
Seventh photo: Unfortunately, you cannot see the lovely chiffon centerpiece I added to Lady Percy's dress. It looked nice, though. I also shortened both Lady Percy's and Lady Northumberland's dresses, and cuffed the sleeves on Lady North's dress.

Not pictured are the 5 full and 3 half aprons I made for the "in disguise" scene in Eastcheap.

Next up: Twelfth Night in January!

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Mom Underground said...

No way! My husband and I just saw that this past Saturday!