Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Why Ottobre Rocks

Every year, the gymnastics teams get a team leotard. Calvin, being a boy, doesn't have to buy one (yay! $35/40 I don't have to spend!). Last year, the team leotards were black/pink/purple, and I waited too long to find a purple shirt, so he wore black shorts and a white t-shirt. This year I started planning as soon as I saw the new leotard (black with a swath of green). I remembered I had quite a bit of leftover fabric from this top, and after bringing a swatch to practice, decided it matched good enough. It's actually a few shades off, but under the gym lights it looks pretty darn close, don't you think? The black cotton/lycra was also in my stash.

Next we had to decide the style. At first, Calvin was absolutely positive that he did NOT want a tank top. I asked for opinions on one of my email lists, and got some links to gymnastics uniforms. After 'selling' the idea of a tank top with side panels, Calvin decided that would be ok, and could I make it tight like an undershirt. I dug out my Ottobre magazines this past weekend, and decided #19 from the 2/2005 issue would be perfect for the top. I made it on Monday afternoon, and it took no time. I traced off the largest size (122), guessing that Calvin is probably a 128. To make the side panel, I laid the front and back patterns together at the side seam, traced off the underarm area and decided on a 3" wide panel. I don't know if you can tell, but I curved the seam a bit at the underarm. I then added 3/8" seam allowances at the new seamlines. I did not bind the neckline/armholes as recommended, and instead just turned them under 3/8" and used my twin needle to stitch them down. Calvin was thrilled with it when he tried it on, and has requested a few more. He likes that the top doesn't fall down into his face when he does a handstand.

How crazy is it that on October 30, Calvin can go outside barefoot for pictures?!? Anyway, we decided that he needed black shorts to match the top. He already has some, but I wanted some made from the same cotton/lycra. Again, Ottobre came to the rescue. Yesterday I browsed through my magazines again, and settled on #35 from the 2/2004 issue (listed as swim trunks). I did not want them as tight as originally designed, so I traced off a size 140, added 1" to the top for a wider casing, and added 3" to the leg length. These went together in NO time at all! Again, Calvin loves them and has requested more.

Hopefully next year the team leotard will be a color that is easy for me to match as well.

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Tini said...

oooh great! I wished I could have worn that instead of the white/blue/red leotard we had back then..