Wednesday, February 22, 2006


I'm still working on my quilt (hopefully will have some pictures for you this weekend). In the meantime, I'm nicking this idea from Beki.

Four Jobs I've Had
- swim instructor
- medical secretary
- salesclerk at Victoria's Secret
- dressmaker

Four Movies I'd Watch Again (and again)
- The Thomas Crown Affair
- Amadeus
- any James Bond movie
- Big Fish

Four Places I Have Lived
- Long Beach, California
- Scottsdale, Arizona
- Des Moines, Iowa
- Chicago, Illinois

Four Places I Have Vacationed
- Estes Park, Colorado
- Lucern, Switzerland
- Salzburg and Vienna, Austria
- all over Mexico

Four of My Favorite Dishes
- Caesar Salad
- machacado con huevo, arroz, frijoles y tortillas de maiz
- steak, baked potato and green beans
- broccoli cheese soup

Four TV Shows I Love
- Alias
- Millenium
- NFL Football (ok, it's not really a show, but I like watching)

Four Albums I Can't Live Without
- Soundtrack to Tomb Raider
- Soundtrack to The Saint
- Soundtrack to Hackers
- Message in a Box, The Police (cheating here as this is a 4 CD set)
This was really hard to narrow down. Everything and more are on my iPod, so I always have any genre I'm in the mood for at my fingertips!

Four Places I'd Rather Be Right Now
- someplace warm and sunny.
- at the spa having some decadent body treatment
- at my sewing machine
- having a cozy dinner with David

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Renee said...

Hey Mamafitz -
I'm not a crafter, but I found your blog through Beki's and started to read; our children are close in age, so that got my attention.
Great blog!