Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Quilt Class

I'm taking a quilt class this February, called Stack and Cut. Here are my 15 fabrics I'm using. I love Asian prints, as well as red and black. Most of these are from my stash, I only had to buy 4 additional fabrics (the 2 greens, the second red from the left, and the last cream on the right) to round out the quilt.

It's been really fun. Basically, we are stacking 5 different fabrics, cutting them randomly 4 times, then moving the top center fabric to the bottom. Then you sew the pieces back together. True the square, but make it crooked, then add a 3rd fabric all around. True the square again (also crooked), and you have finished 1 block.

My homework last week was to finish all my blocks (at least 25). Of course, I want to my my quilt larger than the class one, so I need to make more blocks. I'd like at least 36. So far, I've got 18 done, and class is tonight! The blocks will be set on point in the quilt, so I also still need to pick out my setting triangle fabric.

(I started this post on the 15th, didn't publish it until the 20th. Class is tonight, and I need to get those blocks done!)

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