Friday, November 03, 2006

Purple Sweater

This one is for me!

It's the sweater on the cover. I'm using Classic Elite Duchess yarn (color is Priveleged Plum), size 10 Brittany needles (gotta have pretty needles), and it's coming along fast. I cast on for it a few weeks ago, and finished the back on Tuesday, at the dentist's office.

I have never knit a sweater for myself before -- here's hoping it works out! I chose to do a size S, since every other sweater I have done (for my kids and for my dh) have ended up bigger than I thought they would. Of couse, now I'm second guessing myself.

1 comment:

bfmomma said...

oooh, cute! I really love the color!

The one sweater I knit for myself was a disaster... :( I hope to try again, though ;)