Monday, November 13, 2006

The Windy (and very rainy) City

On Friday the boys and I went down to Chicago to visit with Peter and Julie. We got there mid-afternoon, and it started raining a bit later. You need to have a parking sticker/permit in order to park after 6 pm, so we walked over (in the rain) to the alderman's office to get one. It was closed! Luckily it was still early enough that I easily found parking on a non-permit street.

For supper, we went for pizza at Giordano's. YUMMY! Again, we walked (it's only 2 blocks or so), and it was kinda funny: two mamas, a baby, a toddler who insisted on holding his own umbrella that was bigger than he is, and two older boys. It was so windy our umbrellas kept blowing inside out! Then the puddles! oy vey! :D We did have a fun time and a delicious meal.

Saturday we went to see the Day of the Dead exhibit at the Mexican Fine Arts Center Museum. Families had come in and made ofredas to the deceased. We saw altars to people of all ages: a singer, a radio personality, a police officer, and more. One could look upon their whole life history in the altar. There was an area that we could leave ofredas of our own, and both Caleb and Calvin left a note for my dad. We also browsed the little gift shop, along with 2 other exhibits.

Otherwise, we spent the time just hanging out and playing with Cuzzy. Calvin read stories to him, Connor read stories to himself. They wrestled and roughhoused, and pouted and cried. Laughed and played, watched TV and ate lots of treats.

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rostitchery said...

those boys could not be any cuter or more beautiful if they tried. i want to snuggle all of them.