Sunday, November 26, 2006

Six New Covers

I finished Connor's diaper covers yesterday (reviewed over a year ago here). Six brand new covers -- sorely needed! I ran out of white capped snaps, so only 3 are functional right now. After setting 63 snaps and changing a diaper, I found out I put them on backwards (meaning I put the sockets where the studs should go, and vice versa). ~SIGH~ I probably wouldn't have had enough sockets anyway. If he takes after his brothers, he'll be out of diapers in July. These should last that long.

After the covers were done, I also did some cutting, adding 4 yards to my "out" stat. I plan to do some more cutting today, and then on to more sewing!

Off to get that cranberry coffee cake made. Yum yum!

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