Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Comic Top

for 7 years old, Calvin isn't a bad photographer

I made another top for myself on Monday, and hemmed it yesterday. This is Simplicity 4076 again (also View D), but with long sleeves. I had to shorten them 2 inches. I bought this fabric from Ressy's co-op a few years ago. Isn't it cool? I love comic books (oops, I'm sorry, "graphic novels"). My original plan was to make tops for my boys, but when the fabric came and I saw it was all sparkly and mostly a girl on it, I figured it was for ME. Caleb likes the silver sparkles, but he agrees, he wouldn't wear a shirt with girls all over it. This took 1.75 yards, so I have 2.25 yards left. Any ideas as to what I should do with the extra? I was toying with doing a DVF style wrap dress, finished off with black FOE.


beki said...

How cute! I've been itching to sew something for myself. I have my patterns and fabric chosen, but other projects keep getting in the way. Hopefully soon I'll have something to show (and wear).

bfmomma said...

How about a skirt? I saw some cute ones on CRAFT blog... I wouldn't wear it with the top, but with plain black and some kickin' tall black boots....


bfmomma said...

had to go back and find the link:

if that doesn't work, try this: