Monday, December 11, 2006

Decking the Halls

We started decorating for Christmas this weekend. I love my nativity -- I think partly because Mary is holding baby Jesus, just like a new mama would.

On Friday Caleb and I put up the garland on the bookshelf in the living room, and we also put up the tree (fake. I'd prefer real, but David likes fake, and when I found this tree at a rummage sale for $10 a few years ago, well, how could I pass it up?). Then, on Saturday, I put the lights on the tree, the boys started putting the LEGO train track around it, bumped it all over, loosened it in the stand, so I took all the lights off, took the tree apart, and put it up again, making sure it was STUCK HARD in the stand. ~sigh~ Then I put the lights back on. Sunday afternoon we put the ornaments on. About half of them stayed in the boxes, as I don't want them broken. There are now clumps of ornaments on the tree, and bare spots with no ornaments. I guess that's one of the side benefits of decorating with kids. :) I'll take some of my pretty hand blown glass ornaments and hang them from the dining room chandelier. I also need two more extension cords for the garlands on the dining room mirror and stair railing.

The boys spent last evening putting together the LEGO train for under the tree. If you are LEGO nuts like us, you might like to click over to, and create an account (it's free). You can inventory all your LEGO sets, and also get lists of what is needed for a specific LEGO set. This makes it so much easier to find pieces ahead of time (we sort and store our pieces by color in drawers). We got the engine and passenger car built last night, plus they created some other things for the track. The Advent calendar is all airport stuff, which works well with the train. I'm sure things will change daily under the tree!


Anonymous said...

I love that nativity! Maybe someday I'll get one....or finally get back to work on my partly finished plastic canvas one....


Kathleen C. said...

Just thinking... Is calvin going to put his medals on the tree as ornaments? That's be pretty cool!

Love the lego train set!