Friday, December 15, 2006

The Inner Life of a Cell

I don't watch the news, but I guess on ABC last night or the night before they had this segment on a video made for biology lectures at Harvard. Dr. Lue, the Director of Life Sciences Education felt it would be a good way for undergrads to see how a cell works. It was so neat to watch, so we searched (love that Google!), and found a nice high res 3 minute version. Now, I had no idea just what I was watching (though it is really really cool), so I did some more searching and found this blog post with a quick play-by-play of what's shown. Granted, I'm still a bit lost with all the terminology, but it's still really cool. :D According to the company that created the video, this is the first in a planned series. I sure hope they make a 'for the masses' version -- I'd love to see more! (the music is good too -- reminds me of Rob D's Clubbed to Death Kurayamino Remix from The Matrix soundtrack. that sample doesn't give you much. the piano at the end is what i'm talking about.)

My lucky duck husband also got to see a bit of the northern lights last night! I guess there was a huge solar flare yesterday, and our neighbor came over and told him that he had to go down to the lake and see the lights. David bundled up Connor and went down and said it was really cool. I had already taken the older two boys to Cub Scouts. When we got home he told us about it and we all went to see, but they were gone. :( I would so dearly love to see the northern lights (those and the Southern -- as in hemisphere -- night sky). We did get to see Orion and Ursa Major very clearly, which was neat.

I hope to try again tonight.

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