Wednesday, December 06, 2006

When Fabric Speaks

I bought this fabric to make an apron for myself, but as I was preparing it, it kept whispering "I don't belong with you, I belong in Nashville. I belong with Rowena". When fabric speaks I've learned to listen. (Fabric does speak, you know. Sometimes it's a whisper, sometimes a shout) If you don't listen, it doesn't shut up. Trust me, I know. :) This is the short pleated apron from Amy Butler's book In Stitches (apron reviewed here).

So, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROWENA!!! I hope you enjoy using this as much as I enjoyed making it for you.


beki said...

Linda, that apron is gorgeous! Rowena is going to love it!!!

the nifty needler said...

it's lovely. and yes, it does say "rowena will love me." good job linda. :-)