Monday, January 29, 2007

Arrgh! There Be Pirates!!

Caleb played in the Music for Munchkins Concert yesterday. The theme was Pirates, and I made this pirate shirt for him. Well, I didn't really make it completely, I merely finished it. It's been hanging in the closet sans cuffs for a few years, and this concert was the impetus I needed to finish it. The pattern is the Costume Connection's Renaissance Common Man. I can't even remember what size this is. From what I remember, it's pretty straightforward sewing, though I think I changed the construction of the center opening a bit. It's not "offically" period, as I added edgestitching and I serged the seams.

He makes a pretty good pirate, no? He made his own leather vambraces, and one of his dad's leather vests and bandanas complete the ensemble. It was a great time -- Calvin and Connor enjoyed the instrument petting zoo and crafts. The concert itself was wonderful, with swordfighting, shark attacks, treasure, plank walking, and a superhero (yes, a superhero: String Man). Good music too! Caleb played his cello wonderfully, though I do admit to a small bias. :)


bfmomma said...

Oh, fun! I love M4M... we didn't make it this year, though. Last year was a hoe-down theme. I think I have C's pic on my blog somewhere...

The music programs are so wonderful in this district. C had her Middle School choir concert last week and I was so impressed! Will C. continue with orchestra next year?

p.s. the pirate stuff is fabulous! where were you this halloween when we were putting together costumes? :)

Alisa_Benay said...

Cool costume. My guy (he's 4) has about 15 costumes that he changes in and out of all day long. So far they're all store bought, but I'm thinking your cape down below is looking like a future project if I can track down the pattern!

Good luck with the no-napping thing. It's so hard to go through the transition. Quentin will be 5 in April and is just now starting to skip a nap here and there. I've been spoiled!