Friday, January 12, 2007

Purple Sweater Progress

I've been slowly working on my purple sweater. I finished one front, and then started on the sleeves before working on the other front. One sleeve is completely finished, and I'm halfway through the other. Indoor soccer started last weekend for Caleb, so I have at least one hour a week of knitting time. :) I'm starting to think I might not have enough yarn. I have 2 unused skeins left, and the rest of one sleeve, one front, and the neckband to do yet.

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bfmomma said...

It's beautiful!

I had similar issues with a purple sweater (cardigan) I did for DH. Chronicled on my blog:

and it turned out that, after I bought contrasting yarn to make a stripe, I ended up having plenty of the original yarn. argh! :)