Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Flowers, Sweaters, and Teeth

The iris are in full bloom just outside the kitchen. I love seeing them out the window when I come down in the morning to make David's coffee. I think our yard is going to look pretty nice this summer.

Look, I finally finished this sweater for Connor! It actually got finished during the Winter Olympics, but then languished in a bag because I don't like seaming. My friend Beth took it for me and finished it this past weekend. I like it, but the neckline is a bit wide. It's a Debbie Bliss pattern, which I lengthened, but I also should have done another row or two of decreases at the neck. Next to knit is a hooded sweater, from a different Debbie Bliss book.

Calvin lost a tooth on Sunday! This is lost tooth #3, and I still need to get over to the bank and get a golden dollar for him. I didn't even know it was that loose, and all of a sudden it was out! He looks pretty cute with a 'hole' in his mouth. :) The 'matching' tooth on the other side is loose as well.

Connor is kinda sick. He coughed most of the night, and is still coughing today. He's quite clingy, so we'll be making much use of the sling.


krista said...

Is that his first lost tooth? Did you do the tooth fairy thing? My son will be 6 in September, I am sooo excited to do the tooth fairy.

mamafitz said...

krista -- no, this is his third lost tooth. we kinda do the tooth fairy thing in that i try to remember to give them a golden dollar, but they know it's me, and usually i forget. (bad mama!)

my oldest didn't loose a tooth until he was seven.

kristi said...

Since Calvin's got a number of teeth to go, you should know that if you have a post office vending machine near you, they give change all in dollar coins. you might get an occasional SBA, but most are the gold ones.