Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Yard Work

We've been working on the yard the past few days. A friend of mine gave me some plants from her yard, so on Saturday I cleaned out some more of the flower beds and planted some iris (no idea what color), asters, bee balm, and something else that she couldn't remember the name of, but the flowers are yellow. Sunday we bought 2 climbing roses, so I planted those by the neighbor's fence. I think they are red. The peonies I moved look healthy. I think only one will bloom this year, but at least they all are growing.

Monday we had 5 yards of red cedar mulch delivered. David and Caleb spent almost all of Monday evening spreading mulch along the side yard. It looks so nice and clean and fresh! I also spread mulch where I had done my planting.

We found a nest of bunnies while working in the yard, so Calvin has been going to check on them a lot. He knows not to touch them or bother them, and we rescued one from the dog. As of yesterday, they haven't been around. We went to the library to find some books about wild rabbits.

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