Friday, May 05, 2006

Quilts and cars

Here are my fabrics for my 'Red Onion' quilt. They look pretty nice in my bedroom, which is painted purple (Martha Stewart's Thyme Flower, to be exact). I got out my copy of The Quilter's Pocket Reference last night, and figured out that if I want to make this a queen sized quilt, I need to have 63 blocks. Hmmm. We'll have to see.

Every night I've been trying to stitch at least one set of blocks. My homework is to have 36 blocks done by Tuesday. The technique is the same as it was for the Stack and Cut quilt I did in February. So far I have 22 done. I have enough fabric to do 63 blocks, and I am one third of the way there ....

On to cars. I mentioned last week that we bought a new car:
Brand-spankin' new! I've been driving it this week, and I must say, it is really nice. I'm still getting used to backing out. All the other cars I have had the mirrors automatically tilt down when you go in reverse, so you can see by the tires. I didn't realize how much I depend on that until now -- in the Honda, the mirrors don't tilt. It is nice to drive though, and doesn't feel huge.

The boys love all the room, and yesterday, they figured out that if they put down the third row of seats, and turn on a CD, they can have a dance party in the back. Caleb has been making playlists on iTunes and burning them to discs. Since he's really too tall to be dancing in the back, he is usually the DJ. I'll have to post some of his "CPF Music Mixes" for fun someday.

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sewingsuzee said...

Nice to meet you! I love your color sense, and can't wait to see the onion quilt. And if you don't want the top, I'll take it. :-) I love it. But I know what you mean. I stopped making clothes because all my favorite fabric choices look dreadful on me.

Congrats on the new van! We just purchased our first new car ever in February, and I continue to adore it.