Thursday, May 04, 2006

Plans and upcoming projects

It seems I always have 18 projects going on at once. We got invited to a "UnGala", and I need a pretty outfit. Vogue 2711 popped into my head, because I want to use up stash, and I already have the pattern. The plan is to make the blouse out of a leopard print silk chiffon, and the skirt (shorter version) out of a brown moleskin. I'm keeping the option open of making the skirt from brown satin. I need this done by May 20.

I started a quilt class on Tuesday, called the Red Onion. This is a quilt from the book Stack A New Deck, and I'm doing mine in asian fabrics (naturally!). My homework for this week is to have all my blocks done (36 of them), and being the person I am, I plan to make my quilt bigger. Actually, as I was preparing all my fabrics, I realized they look pretty nice in my bedroom, so I might try and make enough to have a queen size quilt. We'll see.

Sadly, my favorite local fabric shop is closing its doors. The Cutting Table is liquidating their inventory, with a final date of May 26. I am going to miss them so much. I love the ambiance of the shop, my boys loved going there and playing in the little play area, and I learned how to quilt there. If you are in the area, everything is on sale: 30% off this week, 40% next week, 60% off the third week of May, and 70% off the last week in May. They are not open on Sundays. This week I purchased a bunch of fabric (hence the large jump in $ spent and yardage in stats), and so now I have everything needed for baby quilts #2 and #3. The babies are due in June, and at a minimum I'd like to have the tops done by then.

I also have planned more boxer shorts for Calvin. He won't take the pair I made for him off! Flattering, for sure, but stinky too. :) Then there are clothes for me -- I always have ideas for clothes whirling around in my head. I think I'll be putting in some late nights these next few weeks.

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bfmomma said...

The Cutting Table is closing? oh, no! I remember hearing of it's lore at many a playgroup...

The ungala outfit sounds amazing! and I laughed at the leopard print silk chiffon... :) I always think of you whenever I see leopard print anything!