Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Harvest Time

Our broccoli is ready for harvesting! Calvin has been begging to harvest it since the first buds showed up, and finally he got to cut some.

First we look at all the plants and pick the ripest one.

He used a knife to cut it out, and was very careful.

Isn't it just gorgeous? I thought I had a great picture of him eating it, but it turned out blurry. While eating, he said, "Broccoli isn't gross, this broccoli is GREAT!". :)

Calvin's watermelon plant is finally growing! The other plant isn't growing at all, but this one is, and I hope we get melons before it gets too cold.


cmarie12 said...

Linda ~ how kewl that you have such a wonderful garden! And the pictures of the boys are priceless!

Uncle Steve in AZ said...

...what did Cal do to his melon..? Garden and boys look great, say hey to everyone, everything's good down here in the desert

Uncle Steve