Thursday, July 06, 2006

More Garden Photos

Summer seems to beg for one's attention in so many areas all at once. I've been trying to spend a lot of time in the yard and garden. To see "before" and progress pictures of the landscaping, click here.

I took this picture just because they are pretty. :) This is just outside the kitchen window, opposite the iris.

My tomatoes and broccoli are very happy! I have three tomato plants this year: a cherry tomato, roma tomato, and regular one. I put a rain barrel nearby, so I've been mostly watering them with rain water. The watermelons (not pictured) are not so happy, and I'm not sure we'll get any fruit.

My latest big project has been the side of the garage. There were some daylilies (but not the pretty yellow ones like above, the plain orange ones) and some weeds here, and they were covering up the walkway (click here to see). I ripped everything out, and have slowly been putting in new plants. Right now there are a few varieties of iris, and other periennials that I can't remember the names of (pestimum is one, I think, and I'm sure I've spelled it wrong). I'd like to get some trellises and put clematis on the outsides of the windows, and a climbing rose or something else between the windows. Yesterday I laid the cocoa hull mulch.

I also laid some red cedar mulch in the back gardens. Then, when David got home, he showed me how to connect and use the pressure washer and I went to town! A woman and her pressure washer can be a dangerous thing! I cleaned off the back patio, cleaned the cement by the back door, then cleaned the grill. Then I cleaned off the picnic table -- it's white again, and looks almost new! I was looking at everything, thinking "hmm, I could wash that!". I almost wheeled the pressure washer around to the front and did the whole front too, but I restrained myself. That's for another day; I'm kinda stiff and sore.

Sewing project pictures tomorrow, I promise. I'm in the middle of an Amy Butler Nappy Bag, plus hope to get a baby sling made. I also have to get going on my State Fair sewing -- I decided to enter 4 items, all of which need to be finished (but are all started, phew!).

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