Monday, July 24, 2006

State Fair Entries

Here are my two State Fair entries. I had planned four items, but with the heat and relatives visiting, I only got these two finished. I'll drop them off this afternoon.

First, my 1945 Nancy Erickson jacket! YES! Finished after languishing for eighteen months! This is going into the Tailored Jacket category. I lost another 10 pounds after fitting the muslins, and so I think it's a titch big. I used a size 8 in the shoulders, went out to a 10 in the hips, and did a small FBA. Over on Stitcher's Guild and on NMSL I asked opinions on how many buttons (3 vs. 4), and you can see I decided on 4 (consensus was about 50/50 on how many). I have just under a yard of this leftover, with a piece cut off one selvedge, so I hope to squeeze out a little skirt. I have some fantastic pink slingbacks to wear with it, and I think it'll look great with a skirt or jeans. I'll take more detail shots and write a review when I get it back.

I also finished Nappy Bag #4. This one is for me! I love the ginko leaves. This one is going into the Tote Bag category. I had also planned to enter my recent skirt along with a top in the Two Piece Sport Outfit category, but didn't even get the top started. My last entry was going to be a La Fred Europa blouse. It's been hanging in my closet for years, lacking only sleeve hems and buttons/buttonholes. I drag my feet on it because I've lost 20 pounds since I made it, so I won't even be able to wear the darn thing when I finish it.

Judging is tomorrow, and as of right now I don't plan to go, but I might change my mind. Otherwise, I won't find out how I've done until August 4th, when we go to the fair for the day.

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sewingsuzee said...

The jacket is incredible! Bummer that it's too big, but a nice problem to have.

You and Liana are making me think seriously about making some clothing again after a 12 year vacation from it.