Sunday, July 30, 2006

Pinwheel Progress

Here is the pinwheel quilt so far. I did most of this on Thursday. The plan is 5 blocks across, 7 blocks down, with a few pinwheels going into the borders. Blocks are 9" finished, and the border will be 6" finished.

I am not thrilled with this. I think the pinwheels get a little lost. Same problem as the Clifford quilt. I'll still finish this, but I need other ideas to use the koi print, because I bought 8 yards of it, and love it. Anyone? (NO paper piecing!)


sewingsuzee said...

It *is* a fabulous piece of fabric. Methinks it needs to be in big chunks, like you have in the alt squares.

Maybe if the koi squares within the pinwheel blocks were something else? An orange to go with the koi color?

Or it'd make a great swingy spaghetti strap top...cute shoes...?

patsijean said...

All of that lovely Koi print is too busy with little contrast, which, in effect, reduces the effect of the Koi. A third color/blending print would help. I found these on eQuilter.

Below is busy, but I like it:

I would like to suggest a swingy sundress.