Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Holiday Weekend

I had hoped to get a lot of stuff done this long holiday weekend, but we spent most of it with the icky sickies. Everyone is fine now, thankfully.

On Monday night we rode our bicycles downtown to watch the U.S. Bank Fireworks display. It was fantastic, and Connor loved seeing the "boom ay-yights!". We got up pretty close, and we could feel the explosions! Tuesday we went down to the beach across the street and watched the village fireworks display. This time we were farther away, so they weren't as loud, but still they were beautiful. This morning Connor asked to see more boom-lights. :)

I also got some yard work done. A friend was thinning out her garden, so I got some plants (none of which I can remember the names of!), and so I planted, watered, and cleaned off the back patio. Connor likes to help with the watering, as you can see. That's one of my rain barrels, and since I put them in, I haven't had to use the hose to water the garden, I've been able to use only rain water.

You can see I also gave Connor a haircut. No sewing happened, though I did get over to Hancocks for the 99 cent Simplicity pattern sale (I picked up 4076).

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