Monday, October 23, 2006

Marathon Man

We went down to Chicago yesterday to cheer my brother in his first marathon! Connor and I slept over Saturday night (I got to watch part 1 of the season 3 finale of Project Runway) and my mom came down early in the morning with Caleb and Calvin.

Off we go to meet Peter at mile 8 in BoysTown! We walked over there, and it was a Par-Tay!

Yay! Eight miles down, eighteen to go! He ran the race with his friend Brian, who lives in Washington D.C. This was Brian's second marathon. They look pretty good here.

The night before the race he looked up his name online and found out there were 3 other Pedrazas running. Get this -- one of them was named Rolando (that's my cousin's name)! How crazy is that? (Pedraza is an uncommon last name)

As we were right by a watering station, the runners were just throwing the cups on the ground. Most of the time the cups still had gatorade in them, and we started getting splashed. Calvin told me, "Mama! It's raining Gatorade!"

After we left Peter at mile 8, we went over to get on the El, in order to meet him at mile 17. We took a quick break in a Starbucks to get hot chocolate. While we were on the train (with 18 million other people going to cheer for their friends and family), we got stuck in a tunnel. I guess there were repairs or something going on. Julie made the executive decision that we would instead go on to ChinaTown and meet Peter at mile 21. It's a good thing we did that, because just as we got off the train at ChinaTown, she got a text message that he had just passed mile 17. They still look pretty good here! Only 5 more miles!

We didn't get finish line pix -- it was just too crowded. But finish they did, in about 4 1/2 hours! Peter said that last mile was just agony. It stretched forever. But he kept putting one foot in front of the other and did it. I had a good time cheering him on. Hmm, I wonder if we'll be doing this next year???


bfmomma said...

Wow! I am just in awe of anyone who runs a marathon. He's amazing!

BTW, if he wants a less-crowded marathon, try the Paavo Nurmi marathon in Hurley, WI (where I grew up). It's in August (but august isn't that hot in Northern WI) and it's through beautiful country and lodging is dirt cheap!

Anonymous said...

Marathoners are really amazing people. I'm not sure I would have the concentration to do it. Congrats to him!