Tuesday, October 17, 2006

October Iris

It has been so cold lately. This past Saturday it was so windy and cold; I froze watching Caleb's soccer OUTDOOR soccer games. brrrr!!!!

However, even with the frost each morning, I still have a few glimpses of summer and pretty flowers. This iris is blooming by the (broken) air conditioner. There are at least 3 of these flower stalks. It's quite pretty, no? Next spring I will have to divide it up some more, and plant it along the sidewalk. Then everyone that walks by can also share the last bits of summer. (I don't know what kind it is, my mother gave it to me. She said it's a double blooming iris: once in the spring, and once in the fall)

1 comment:

bfmomma said...

Oh, it's gorgeous! My irises come up about once every 3-4 years... don't know why. I love the white one... if you ever want to swap bulbs, let me know (now that I just told you that mine never bloom....)

Is Caleb doing soccer through MKSC? My older two are in it, but (thankfully) neither of their teams played in the tournament this weekend. And now, just one more weekend of games (till indoor!). :)