Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Well, did she? Or didn't she?

.... get my sewing room clean, that is. :) Sorta. You can walk in the room, and the floor is spotless. It's vaccuumed and everything! My desk, on the other hand, is still a mess. My sewing table, with the sewing machine and serger isn't spotless, but it's clean. The ironing board is clear.

I did do a bit of sewing on Saturday -- just putting patches on Scout uniforms. I have some more definite ideas for my room, such as some bookcases on either side of the bay window.

Caleb and I need to start on his Willy Wonka costume. While I didn't accomplish all I wanted, I at least made progress (and I raked up all the thatch and leaves from the backyard).

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