Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Court Jester: More Pants Progress

Yesterday I worked on the 2nd pair of jester pants. I decided these would be striped, but also with an elizabethan feel.

First, I cut 6" strips from the gold. It's a reversible sari fabric, so I hemmed the long edges so the gold bordered the blue (1/2" turned twice). If I didn't have reversible fabric, I would have used a hong kong underlining technique with 2 fabrics. I did 6 strips hemmed on both sides, and 4 hemmed on one side only, for the inseams/crotch seams.

I cut the pants out of the green fabric, and laid the strips on top. Then I basted them to the green, and stitched down the strips to the crotch level, leaving them loose from there to the hem.

Ready to sew!

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