Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Court Jester: Planning

Remember the Pharaoh costume I made for Caleb for the Opet festival at school? They also have a medieval feast as part of the social studies cirriculum. They get assigned roles for this one (after all, you can't have 37 kings now, can you?). Caleb is the court jester, along with a good friend of his. I'm going to do both of their costumes, so they 'match'. They will have to entertain the king during the tournament, so they are practicing a little routine. :D
On Saturday, I went over to Joann Fabrics and scoured the clearance racks. Calvin was with me, and he actually picked most of these fabrics. He's got a great eye for this sort of thing. The gold is really the wrong side of a blue sari fabric.

Here's our inspiration. While at the Ren Faire in AZ, Caleb looked in all the shops for jester costumes. He didn't see anything he liked, but he did like the look of this painting, so I took a photo. We searched online for costumes too, but everything we found was pretty lame, IMO. I have been re-reading some Asimov books, and noticed this one had a neat painting on the cover too, so viola! Inspiration! We found the hat pattern on Saturday, though I'm going to see if maybe one of the boys would like a variation on this one (upper right) instead.

Deadline is May 2!


bfmomma said...

Oh, I canNOT wait to see how they turn out! They're gonnna be FAB!

New Mama said...

Man, you are so talented. I love reading your blog and seeing what you create!

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see how this turns out! Caleb has great taste.