Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Spring Break, Part I

I know I've been MIA. First, I got really sick, and it was all I could do just to get up and get the kids off to school. Then, we left for a nice vacation in Phoenix, over spring break. The next few posts will be about that.

On Good Friday, we got hit with a blizzard. By the time I went to bed that night, they said we had officially gotten 10.9" of snow, bumping this winter up to #2 snowiest winter of all time (#1 happened in the 1800s). Thankfully, I had not been able to procure airline tickets for then (like we had wanted to), as the airport even shut down. We live near the lake, and it got VERY VERY windy. So, we had areas of our yard where you could see the grass, and areas that had 3 foot snowdrifts.

On Saturday, it was beautiful. Bright and sunny, and warm (relatively. perfect for playing in the snow). Calvin pretty much spent the entire day outside. He carved an igloo out of one of the snowdrifts in the park across the street.

When Caleb saw the igloo (we could see it from our front window), he got geared up and went outside too! It was hard getting a photo of them IN the igloo, as it was so bright with the sun on the snow, but if you can't tell, they are both fully inside their house.

In the afternoon, I had to run some last minute errands before leaving for our vacation. While I was gone, David and Connor got dressed up and went out to play as well. Here they are on the HUGE snowdrift in the park. Seriously, I think this drift was at least 4 feet high. They worked on carving tunnels throughout it, and eventually, this area was crawling with kids. :)

They all had a great time, and I think Calvin even got a little bit sunburned from the sun reflecting off of the snow!

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The palmer family is green with envy.