Thursday, April 03, 2008

Spring Break, Part IV

One of my favorite things we did on our trip was go to the Arizona Renaissance Faire. When David and I lived here ('90-'92), the Faire had just started, and we went. It was so small and lame! However, I found out via Heather Bailey's blog that it had grown and was celebrating 20 years, so we decided to go again.

We watched this guy's show. He holds 4 Guiness World Records with whips, one of which is the most whip cracks in a minute (over 400!). Besides using these fire whips, he also used a whip to crack open a can of soda, sliced celery held by a patron with a really really long whip, and had a chain mail whip which made the loudest crack I have ever heard. It was way cool.

We watched some belly dance troupes. I've been taking lessons since October, and believe me, belly dancing is HARD. It's all about muscle control in your upper and lower abs.

There were lots of shops. This one had little paddleboats for kids to play with (and hopefully buy).

I took a lot of pictures of just scenery.

Isn't this woman (or man?) awesome? I missed her lecture, but I think it was about styles of dress and makeup in that time. Look at that little traveling dress on her table. I want one!


Alexandra said...

That last picture - wow! Not just the dress but the makeup, too.

Cheryl said...

I've always wanted to take belly dance class too! hopefully, I'll get to it. I love the costumes. Oh, and I really love the pictures of the desert plants, flowers and skull.

jemima bean said...

This is the coolest ever! I really want to take my kiddos to one of these. WOnder if there is a site that lists upcoming faires??