Friday, April 11, 2008

Topkids 62-15

We had beautiful weather here last weekend, and all week it's been cold, crummy, and raining. I've been spending some of my time decluttering and going through the boys' clothes, switching sizes to/from the attic, bagging stuff that we just don't want anymore, etc. I came across this shirt that I made for Caleb in 2003:
It's from one of the last issues of Topkids (you can read the pattern review here). I made it from the rayon/linen blend you can get at Joanns.

It was fun to make. I used a fusible interfacing on the collar and cuffs, and it bubbled, but otherwise, I really like the shirt. I'd make the cuffs wider next time.

The pockets are built into the yoke.

Check it out! Caleb in the shirt about a month before he turned 7! He's going to be 12 in about 2 weeks; my how the time passes. Calvin is smaller, so even though he's 8.5, the shirt fits him great.


Keely said...

What a lovely shirt (and son). I have a good selection of Topkids mags too. I really miss them. I know there's Ottobre now but my kids are getting older and I really don't need more magazines, or patterns. :(

jemima bean said...

Aw! I don't have any TopKids mags. Now I'm curious! I should look on ebay. Altho my little Lu is almost in Women's sizing now, at (almost) 11!! Time really DOES fly. Sniff.