Monday, January 16, 2006

Busy Day

It's 8:20, I have a busy day today, and I already feel behind. En 40 minutos, mis niños tienen una clase de español. While they are there, I need to run and get a birthday present for a party luncheon tomorrow. At noon, I'm helping my mom move a door, and hopefully a desk. I have a LLL Leader meeting in the afternoon. My middle son has gymnastics in the evening. Sometime we need to get our studies in. Phew! I'm tired already! Usually I write out and plan our week on Sunday nights, but I didn't get to that last night. I goofed around on my Knifty Knitter instead, and made a hat for the baby (hopefully it will fit!). This afternoon I'll get my meal planning done, and write out the week's schedule. Tomorrow I'll try and get a photo up of the hat.

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