Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Yesterday I went over to JoAnn Fabrics to pick up a birthday present for a friend. While there I also picked up some fabric for an Amy Butler Nappy Bag. This is my first fabric purchase of the new year, and so I decided I'll keep 'stats' on my purchases, yardage in/out, and items made. You can see I put them over on the right there, in the side bar. I also keep a photo album at Kodak Gallery of all my sewing, and then I can look back on it when the year is out. Here is last year's photo album. I count yardage in when I buy it, I count yardage out when I cut it (since it's not yardage anymore). So, sometimes yardage is counted out for months before it's actually sewn up. It may seem backwards, but that is what works for me. That is my explanation for why right now there is no yardage out, but 2 items have been sewn so far this year.


rostitchery said...

linda, that is a great system, i think i'm going to try it myself!

beki said...

I agree! I started keeping track of my hobby spending with the new year. I've only bought a few things so far this year, so it shouldn't be hard to start now.