Monday, January 16, 2006

One new hat, one new knitter

As promised, here is Connor in his new Knifty Knitted hat. I used the red loom, and it's just big enough. I tried making a beanie style, though once I got it on him, I think I could have done about 2 more rounds. It does look cute, though, doesn't it?

After seeing the hat I knit up, Caleb wanted to give it a try. So I've shown him how to do it, and now he's knitting a hat for Connor as well. The baby is going to have lots of hats. :) Caleb told me that he might make hats for everyone for next Christmas. That kid is a planner!


beki said...

Cute hat!

Terri said...

Very cute! (both hat and child) I haven't tried out my KK yet, but I may have to now.

rostitchery said...

i LOVE the new hat! that yarn is so pretty. and the model is adorable. :)

caleb is such a big boy! they are both so beautiful.