Sunday, January 22, 2006

Quilt progress

Today I worked on the baby quilt. I pieced all the blocks, and ended up with 27 duo blocks (two fabrics) and 27 trio blocks (three fabrics). I tried to make each block different, which got to be kinda hard after a while. I think some of the blocks look nice, and some just so-so.

After I got the blocks pressed, I laid them out on my dining room table, to figure out where I wanted each block. David took a look at my layout too, because I wanted to be sure I had the light lights and dark darks dispersed evenly. He tweaked the layout a bit, and we came up with this. Now I need to stitch the blocks into rows, then the rows together.

Overall, I think the quilt is turning out ok, but it's more yellow looking that what I had pictured in my head. (as always, click on any picture to see the full version)


beki said...

It looks great Linda!

rostitchery said...

i think it is going to be really pretty!

Prairie Princess said...

More blue and less green would make it overall less yellow, I think. But it looks great and I wouldn't change it - just be aware for next time.