Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Planning and Scheduling

Each January I like to reflect on the past year, and look on towards the new upcoming year. I always have a few goals, or 'resolutions' for the new year (I'll have to post those another time), and one of those for me this year is to be better organized when it comes to gifts. I'm trying to decide what is a good system, or way, of planning and scheduling some gift making. For instance, there will be FOUR new babies coming (so far) into my life this year. Three are family, one is a really good friend. For family, I always make baby quilts. Last year I made the Amy Butler Nappy Bag for myself, and loved it so much that I now make it for baby showers.

One baby is due in March, two in June, and one in September. The first three are family, so that means I'll be making 3 baby quilts and 4 Nappy Bags. My problem? I want to come up with a way to get them made in time (well, maybe not the quilt for the March baby), without doing them at the last minute. I don't do good under pressure. Of course, I'll also have sewing for myself, the boys, the house, and other gifts, such as birthdays. Right now I'm thinking I'll just write everything on a sheet of paper, and check it weekly or bi-weekly. Yeah, low-tech, but sometimes that just works best.

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