Wednesday, January 18, 2006

New Door

The week before last, we had a 'new' front door put on. If you don't know, I live in what was my father's house. After he died, I inherited it, and all the work that needed to be done to it. He didn't really maintain it properly. One of the few things he did do was replace most of the entry doors -- with metal ones. They looked weird, and didn't match (the wood on the inside of the house is all pale oak. The doors were all dark walnut color).

Ok, back to what I started with. My father never threw out anything, and for once, that was a good thing. The original front door was still in the basement. So, we had someone come out, take the old door off, put the 'new' older door back on, and while we were at it, we had a storm door put on. I LOVE it! Now we can have the door open and the dog can lay on the floor and look outside. In the summer we can put the screen in, and have a breeze. Sometime this spring I'll re-paint the door, either a dark plum or red.

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