Thursday, January 26, 2006


I'm not too bad when it comes to UFOs (UnFinished Objects). My problem is when I decide something is a UFO, it tends to stay that way for years. Case in point: this Issey Miyake coat, which has been a UFO since ~ahem~ July 2002. All it needs is the sash sewn, and buttons/buttonholes. I don't know why it languishes in my closet, but it does. Maybe writing this out will be incentive to finish it and show you details. (by the way, if you're wondering, it's Vogue 1836, OOP)

Anyway, last night I started working on this pink jacket again. I started this last March. The jacket itself has been pretty much finished since about October, it's the lining that has been sitting. Usually I sew up the lining first, when making a jacket, but for some reason I didn't this time. Now you can see why I usually do the lining first -- it's boring, and the jacket is more fun. This is Nancy Erickson's jacket pattern 1945, out of the Peony Tweed from one of the spring newsletters in 2004 (I think. don't hold me to that date).

I made two muslins of this before cutting, ending up using a size 8 with a FBA. I still need to put the sleeve heads and shoulder pads in, but otherwise, it's ready for bagging. The entire jacket is underlined with Texture Weft, and I used Armo Weft on the undercollar and facings. Unfortunately, I lost another 10 pounds after cutting the jacket out, so I'm not really sure how it fits me now. I think the bust dart might be a bit low. Either way, this jacket will look great with black pants or skirts, jeans, and I might have enough extra to squeeze out a little skirt. It also looks fabulous with my Anne Klein pink slingbacks. Have I ever mentioned I have a shoe fetish?

Getting all this sewing done with a toddler can be difficult, but here is how I manage, most of the time.

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cmarie12 said...


I don't have too many UFO's ~ really can't stand the things hanging around but I do have a jacket that I started two summers ago. Last summer I got the lining in. I figure that this summer I will get the buttons and last finishing items on so I can wear it! I totallllly understand!!!!